Custom Drum Wraps

Tired of your lame old drum set?

Fix it up with a new color or a fully custom drum wrap!

Got a dinged up set that isn’t as pretty as it used to be?

Don’t like the ugly color or just want a super unique design on your drum set ?

Let Ink & Beats customize your set with a one-of-a kind wrap or a new color finished wrap.

Our process: We design and print the wraps to your design specifications. Before application the drums are carefully dismantled to inspect all parts, lugs, bolts, heads, and shells. If needed we will replace or repair necessary parts, heads, lugs, bolts or hardware to make the set as close to new as possible. We carefully apply the vinyl wrap by hand and re-assemble the set. We then fine tune the heads and test the set to be sure it’s perfect.

The vinyl wraps are UV coated and weather durable adding a protective layer to the shells and in some cases reinforcing them for a fuller sound.

We can provide you with the wrap to apply yourself if you’re outside of Nevada.

Fill out the form to get a quote on a custom wrap for your set.


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