Why choose a custom drum wrap?

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Why choose a custom drum wrap for your drum set? Most brand new drum sets are beautiful. They come out of the box or off the store floor shiny, bright and ready to look amazing on stage.

Drums go through a lot. After a few dozen shows, a couple months in a garage or even just sitting in a temperature control room collecting dust; that shine and beauty may begin to dull.

The drum sets get road worn pretty quickly.  Between being banged up by hardware and knocked around in the back of a tour van or trailer the shells quickly lose their luster and get occasionally dinged. 


The custom drum wraps that Ink & Beats create are made of UV coated vinyl that is carefully applied to the shells. This vinyl protects them from minor dings, scratches and can be removed to revert back to the shells original colors.

These wraps can be fully customizable with graphics, special prints, or specific colors. We also have self colored vinyl if you just want a simple refresh.

When we apply the wraps we also provide a tune-up of the set. Much like a vehicle tune-up we check all the hardware, lugs and heads. We can replace these parts if needed for an additional fee or just tighten and tune as needed.


Each drum set we’ve finished is completely unique. We haven’t created the same design twice and we prefer to fit each design to the drummer’s wishes.

If you have an idea for your set or if you’d like to create one from a set we acquire and wrap please contact us. We love gaining inspiration from our clients.




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