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Since the dawn of music, showing the world you’re hip to a particular band has been done by plastering their artwork on your chest in the form of a shirt.

Most of us still have that one shirt that we love, that has lasted through multiple relationships, too many parties, a couple of moves and outlasted a decade of ever changing tastes in music. That one shirt that will never ever leave our collection willingly due to the sentimental attachment and the everlasting scent of that one night we were able to buy it directly from the bands merch booth before they were super popular.

Tshirts are a necessity in this day and age for all bands. Without merch, you’re going nowhere. Literally, selling merch at shows can get you gas to the next show. It also can help you grow your fanbase.

What do you need to have shirts made?

  1. An idea for a design. – If you’ve already got a logo then start there. Simple branded shirts usually sell the most. If you don’t have a logo, get the band together discuss your ideas, agree to a direction and either hire a graphic designer or speak with the designer at the print shop you’re partnering with. At Ink & Beats we offer full custom design from our designer Charlie who has been designing logos and merch for bands for over 16 years.
  2. Details of the apparel you want printed. – You need to know how many shirts, tank tops, underwear, sweatpants, etc and what colors your apparel will be.
  3. How many colors will be in your design – You’ll need to know how many ink colors will be involved in your design. Each ink color will require a screen. Each screen costs money on top of the apparel.
  4. Money – Have a set budget ready to discuss with your printing partner. As musicians ourselves we at Ink & Beats know that most band investments like merch come out of the pockets of the members. We can work with you on a smaller order, reducing ink colors, and finding the best quality apparel for the best price to ensure you’re setup for success.
  5. Time frame – Your time frame needs to be communicated up front to the printing partner as well. For instance if you need the shirts in less than ten days there may be a rush order fee. Getting the shirts in from a supplier, printing the film and burning the screens take time and to ensure the printing comes out perfect all of these steps need to be done without haste.


For help putting together an order for your bands merch, contact us here. 




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