Custom Star Wars Drum Set

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Ink & Beats first full custom wrapped drum set is the five piece Star Wars drum set.

The set features a one-of-a-kind custom UV coated vinyl wrap. The shells feature a detailed scene from Empire Strikes back while the bass drum head showcased the Luke vs Vader fight scene from the original Return of the Jedi movie poster.

The initial set was a plain blue maple shell pack with a 22″ bass drum , 12″ & 13″ rack toms , 16″ floor tom, 14″ snare and shiny chrome hardware. Ink & Beats transformed it into an awesome intergalactic set ready for any Jedi or Sith to rock out on.

The set sold in Feb., 2015 only two and a half weeks after it was made.

We specialize in custom drum wraps for any drummer, but really dig creating unique sets like this one.

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