Save a drum set with a custom drum wrap

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Sometimes a drum set is abandoned in a dark, dusty and possibly humid place like a garage. It sits alone waiting.  Hoping for someone to grab a wooden stick and bring back it’s life force.

Maybe it got pushed aside and given up by a metal loving teenager hoping to be the next Chris Adler of Lamb of God when he realized no one could reach that level of awesomeness. Maybe a dumb-ass ex-husband left it to rot in your storage unit with a stack of porn on top.  Regardless of the way it’s story started; it now sits unloved and unused.

While waiting in the heat the heads slowly go out of tune, the coloring of the paint may dull and the original shell cover can warp. The once shiny beautiful set has transformed into an out-of-tune dust collector.


Hope is not lost. Beneath the dust and warped shells can live a beautiful drum set ready to be played once again.

Please save an unloved drum set with a brand new custom drum wrap.

The vinyl used by Ink & Beats is UV coated tightening the wood and giving the drums a protective layer against the elements.

The wrap also gives the drums a thicker and fuller tone.  This revives the set from it’s dark dingy grave and makes it better than new.

The design possibilities are endless. We can turn a plain, warped, dull set into a sparkling new beat machine in just a few days.

All wraps, hardware, and heads are installed by a drum professional. He replaces any missing parts and perfectly tunes every head.

You too can help. Send Ink & Beats your ugliest loneliest drum set and we’ll make it new again.




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